We are experienced at helping guests build custom itineraries for the ideal Ethiopia experience. Whether a small private family tour or a large friend group, we can bring our expertise to your trip's itinerary. We know the best places to visit and can recommend hotels if you want our suggestions. Our staff are always here to help you before and during your tour.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to serving travel agencies and organizations of all sizes global wide, creating and enhancing their market competitiveness through best-in-class service to leisure and business travelers.

 Core Value: Our clients' brands and customers are our serious business. What we learn from one client will better serve another.

 Our Vision: Working closely with all clients and partners to provide the most desired experience for tourists worldwide.

Company Name : Simen Land Tours
Country : Ethiopia
Office Area : Addis Ababa ,Gonder & Mekelle
Tel : +251 911 021308