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One of the most important features of this region of Africa resulted from faulting and cracking on its eastern side. This has caused the Great Rift Valley, which extends from the Middle East to Mozambique, passing in a north-south direction right through Ethiopia. This shearing of the earth's surface occurred at the same time that the Arabian Peninsula, geologically a part of Africa, was sundered from the rest of the continent. Volcanic activity, which has continued until today, finds expression in volcanoes in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression, as well as in the hot springs in many parts of the country.


Earth tremors are often felt, and exposed cones of old volcanic plugs are seen throughout the plateau. After the Rift opened, much of this area was flooded by the inrushing waters of the red Sea, a flood that was subsequently stemmed by fresh volcanic activity that raised barriers of basaltic lava. Behind these barriers the trapped inland sea that had formed began to evaporate under the fierce heat of the tropical sun - a process that is almost complete today. Only a few scattered, highly saline lakes - Gamarri, Affambo, Bario, and Abbe remain. Elsewhere, there are huge beds of natural salt - which, at points, are calculated to be several thousands of metres thick.



This imperative site is also important as it has an immense ground of salt dipostion which is the source of income of the Afar,since they skillfully mine the saline to supply the country with edible salt. benize this wide carpet of salt is an extensive source of volcanic hit that results babbles of hot water to rise through layers of salt and anhydrite  deposit. the never tiring nor non-cooling lava lake at Erta-Ale, one of the stunning place in Afar,boiles it self and at times it spew out small amount of lava to fall shield volcano with an enjoyable colorfull land scapes of reds, browns and yellow, that form captivating fumaroles, amazing rock formations of crystal and mineral deposits across the land. Studies record that the place had experienced large volcanic irruptions until about fourty years ago, yet the continues activate of the lava prevents explosive irruptions.
Situated the North east of Ethiopia in a regoin specially in the Afar region, Denakil Depuration is supposed the most challenging site in Ethiopia.





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