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Festival Attractions

Orthodox Christianity and Islam, the two main religions in Ethiopia, have coexisted since Mohammed,s time. The first believers in Islam were converted while the prophet Mohammed was alive and the first mosque was built in the eighth century. However, culturally the Orthodox Church has dominated the political, social, and cultural life in the highlands,

In General festivals/ Celebrations in Ethiopia are great and colorful events, mostly religious, and frequently take place over several days. During the festivals days People dress in traditional costume and celebrate festivals across the country.

The Historic Route

The historic route is one of the greatest treasures of Ethiopia .nowhere else in the world can you see riches of man’s past such as those in the northern part of Ethiopia. A history that stretched back to the time of prehistoric man; the 5th century B.C pagan temple of Yeha, more than 3000 years old history of Axum.

From the 1st early beginnings to the modern-day, riches that are set among some of the most stunning scenery in Ethiopia and where our people work today, just as their ancestors have done for generations.

Southern Omo valley cultural route

It may seem superficial to label southern lower Omo valley as a living cultural museum, yet in many senses that is exactly what it is! Four of African major linguistic groups are represented in the region, including the Omotic-speakers, a language group as endemic to south Omo as the Ethiopian wolf is to the Abyssinian highlands, the lower Omo River valley in southwest.

Ethiopia’s largest and most inaccessible parks: the Omo National Park which lies on its west bank and Mago National Park on its east Bank.


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The Land Of Origins


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